Advice on Electronic Communications Code


  • Reviewing Code Notices and discussing the potential impact upon you
  • Assisting with responses- minimising the risk to you/the business/occupiers
  • Liaising with specialist "telecoms solicitors"
  • Experienced in Upper Tribunal Court proceedings- assisting with case preparation.
  • Providing witness statements with supporting evidence where possible/relevant
  • Reporting upon latest court rulings and amendments to the Code
  • Highlighting impact and risks to clients asset management plans and budget
  • Identifying potential strategic mitigation measures


The Government has granted the mobile phone operators statutory powers enabling them to seek a court order to enter your land or building, renew leases, upgrade apparatus and other Code Rights. The courts can also impose terms and conditions for the installation and ongoing maintenance of new and existing apparatus should you fail to reach a negotiated agreement with the operators. You may need to respond quickly. Do not delay thinking that the problem will go away.

We can assist you in minimising the risk of court proceedings and costs being awarded against you and to agree terms with the mobile phone operators that minimise the impact of their operations on your business and property and which do not restrict your ability to recover your costs or compensation throughout the Term.