Structural checks condition surveys, dilapidations


  • Undertaking structural and condition surveys -recommending remedial works
  • Obtaining and analysing operators structural analysis/Global Design Check (GDC)
  • Recovering clients costs for structural repairs to the parent structure
  • Checking operators suggested remedial/strengthening works and reporting to client
  • Discussing and exploring design solutions with client
  • Checking upgrade drawings for risk of structural damage to parent structure.
  • Preparing & agreeing photographic schedules of condition with operators prior to major works
  • Conducting dilapidations surveys in accordance with lease provisions and negotiating settlement

Additional Information

Experience has shown us that not all operators' contractors are able to identify how buildings are constructed and consequently the design of the base station or the use of inappropriate fixings or the addition of more and larger antennas on to a pole originally designed for just one single antenna can lead to damage to the building and introduce risk to persons.

With our specialist consultants, we can survey sites, review construction drawings and structural reports (that usually only consider the steelwork and not the building) to identify structural deficiencies and work with all parties to agree appropriate remedial works and costs.

If you see cracks in the wall or recent repointing in the areas around antenna support brackets, you may already have suffered damage. We can check it out for you and identify the causation factor and if appropriate, engage with the operator to remedy the defect- which may involve a redesign.