Other Services

Other Services include:

  • Managing isolation of operators antennas to facilitate landlords works
  • Managing lift and shift of cable trays, cabinets, cabins for roof renewal
  • Conducting post works quality and safety checks
  • Identifying if operator is taking power from landlords supply and not paying for it
  • Establishing power used and recovering cost
  • Liaising with REC supplier or client to install a check meter and process for ongoing billing
  • Managing upgrade requests from initial site request, to planning, build & ongoing maintenance
  • Reviewing designs and recommending amendments eg relocation of antennas that overhang entrances
  • Liaising with operators to remove loose items and rubbish


There are many additional elements associated with having a telecoms base station on your land or building. Wayleaves are another form of Code Agreements but many land owners simply sign the standard template that is sent to them. Does it give the operator carte blanche over your land?

What the operator offers to you in Heads of Terms and even legal correspondence is usually very heavily geared in their favour and may not reflect the latest amendments to the Code. Especially when it comes to consideration (rent) and compensation.

The Electronic Communications Code has been described as complex and poorly drafted. Operators are continually referring matters to the Upper Lands Tribunal. We recommend that you seek appropriate specialist advice.