Management of operators access requests

Services Include:

  • Drafting agreeing, implementing & managing a site/portfolio specific access process
  • Checking RAMS and contractors competencies- maintaining records
  • Identifying when works require drop zones - impacting on occupiers or passers by
  • Requesting and checking the program of works
  • Coordinating with building management/FM to identify any potential conflicts
  • Collating information- parking/road suspensions, drop zones, traffic management
  • Checking structural works on-site and correct use of materials
  • Pre-works condition and dilapidations surveys
  • Providing tenant/resident and contractor on site liaison officer or H&S monitor
  • Minimising impact upon site- reducing complaints, recovering costs where able

Additional Information

Checking access requests helps us to identify where works are not within lease rights or where works could disrupt the client's own business.
Compliance with relevant legislation, good practice and implementing of safe systems of work will actively reduce the risk of injury not only to the contractors but also your own and to the tenants/occupiers of the building/land and to passers-by, especially where antennas are positioned overhanging the edge of a roof.