Lease renewals, rent reviews, terminations


  • Seeking more favourable terms to protect clients operations and to minimise costs and burden
  • Recommending amendments to minimise burden to occupiers and client
  • Managing lease Code Modernisation, modification orders & retrospective Code rights
  • Identifying client red lines and potential areas of conflict with operators
  • Identifying breaches of leases, serving relevant Notices or liaising with clients solicitors.
  • Serving relevant Code notices (or assisting clients solicitors to do so)
  • Assisting in identifying and negotiating best value
  • Conducting RPI/CPI/OMV rent reviews
  • Assisting with navigation of Code termination provisions


Grounds for termination of Code Agreements are very limited with long minimum notice periods. Amendments to the Electronic Communications Code have changed the process for renewing leases and have introduced a process for operators to seek a modification of existing lease rights before Term end in certain circumstances.

How the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 and the Code interact is another area where care needs to be taken. We can help you to avoid costly court proceedings by helping you to understand the process and the operators' statutory rights. Negotiation is still a major element. Educating the operator on how you use your land or building can be crucial to protecting your own business and agreeing terms that do not put you at financial or other disadvantage.