Rf/emf, icnirp h&s, audits


  • Conducting site H&S audits- identifying risk ownership
  • Reviewing the design, positioning and operation of the operators' apparatus & impact upon the site, occupiers & passers-by
  • Requesting relevant H&S information from the operators (e.g. fire & electrical safety, fall arrest/safe to climb certification, lightning protection integration, H&S info)
  • Serving appropriate notices to secure isolations or lift & shift to facilitate landlords works.
  • Conducting on-site radio-frequency and electro magnetic radiation audits
  • Identifying which operators are on site
  • Identifying extent of occupational and general public exclusion zones
  • Checking location and suitability of site safety signage and barriers
  • Assisting site providers to identify potential for conflict with telcos systems

Additional Information

Identifying risks associated with the design, positioning and operation of the operators' apparatus, and the sharing of that information, should allow the landlord or relevant person to discharge its duty of care to the building occupiers, its own contractors, and passers-by. Edge protection, ladders, and fall arrest systems need to comply with legislation. Working on roofs and towers is a high-risk activity. Mobile phone base stations are often designed with high levels of risk built in- antennas may overhang building entrances.

With the advent of beam forming technologies- 5G and 4G Massive MIMO- H&S exclusion zones are many times larger than previous 2/3G technologies. Concerns are being raised that operators may be upgrading sites and re-orienting antennas without having fully considered the impact upon the occupiers of the building or surrounding buildings, or on the ability of the site owners own contractors to access plant for maintenance. Radio frequency/Electromagnetic frequency checks can be undertaken as a one off "peace of mind check" or on an annual basis.